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Mr. Naresh Kumar Siddhu
M. Sc. (Phy) M. A (History) Exp. 20 Yrs.

Words from the Desk of President

Dear Students,

The New session has begun and the hand book is in your hands. Successful completion of one academic session means that you are one more step ahead of what you were.

I heartily appeal to the people of this locality that, "Always think high, dream big and never afraid of failures and risks of life. If my personal experience that if you come forward and take the risks in life, you may achieve the great goals of life. Rattan Tata, Ambani Bandhu are the living examples of this reality.

Our state UP is in the category of poor states which make me feel very ashamed. Are we really so much bad citizens that people take us as a junk? My answer is in negative. We are not junk but our ideas and thinking are tired. If we really want to change our ideas, our attitude, the only way is that we should impart good education and good morality to our children. We are also making efforts for it so that we are able to establish a good society. In this regard we need good support from the guardians so that we are able to make a good identification of our state in our country and we are able to remove the label of junk

Keep smiling and be positive

With good Wishes.