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Our Mangement

Mr. Samarpal Singh


It gives me great pleasure to be a part of Sarvodaya Family. It is often said that success comes to those who plan their success. Good things do not happen because we merely desire them.

Mrs. Beant Kaur


Our mission is to make S.S.Academy an institution of excellence and commitment to education and to achieve new heights.

Mr. D. P. Singh

Chairperson, Ph: 9412176978

Education plays an important role in the development of any citizen society and human being. In ancient times our saints and Gurus divided whole human life into four parts. The first part was selected for education. In this part the child contacting with his teacher obtained education at the early age of five to twenty five years. This system was called Gurukul

Mr. Naresh Siddhu

Chairperson, Ph: 9412841004

I heartily appeal to the people of this locality that, "Always think high, dream big and never afraid of failures and risks of life. If my personal experience that if you come forward and take the risks in life, you may achieve the great goals of life. Rattan Tata, Ambani Bandhu are the living examples of this reality

Dr. Anuj Kumar

Chairperson, Ph: 9837571043

Education is the glorious route through which anyone can attain the goal of success. Thus, education has been acquired renowned institution it leads to achieve height in carrier.

Mr. Omveer Singh

Chairperson, Ph: 9927060059

Sarvodya Saraswati Academy is our family and it is our duty to make our family civilized, well mannered, social and skilled, for their better future. We will continue to make our students acquire these virtues in future.