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Mr. D. P. Singh
M. Sc. (Math) Exp. 20 Yrs.

Words from the Desk of Director

Dear Students,

Education plays an important role in the development of any citizen society and human being. In ancient times our saints and Gurus divided whole human life into four parts. The first part was selected for education. In this part the child contacting with his teacher obtained education at the early age of five to twenty five years. This system was called Gurukul…

Education is the only means that makes fours development of human beings. In my opinion character must be developed above all. The means of education should be the welfare of others. In my opinion if a person has obtained education in a proper way, he cannot be common and unemployed. But he is able to provide bread to hunger and work to uneducated people. If an educated person is out of job, there is a fault in our education system somewhere.

Keep smiling and be positive

With good Wishes.